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  • High School Valedictorian, Newfane Senior High School

  • Bachelor of Science, with Honors, Cornell University, 1993-1997

  • Juris Doctor, Harvard Law School, 1997-2000

  • Helping protect the rights of others

  • 18 years of legal experience with 16 years of employment law

  • Extensive litigation experience

  • Representing clients locally and nationwide

  • Respecting our system and others

  • Fair

  • Just

  • Knowledgeable

The Right Education ✓
The Right Experience ✓
The Right Choice for Penfield Town Justice ✓


The Right Experience

I started my career living in New York City, working at the multinational law firm of Shearman & Sterling.  I enjoyed my job there – but perhaps that most defining moment of that time in my life was being in New York when the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred.  Living and working in midtown Manhattan on that day will be something I will never forget.  As the days passed, I witnessed firsthand a city under fire rise up in defiance of the attempt to strike fear and destroy our way of life.  There are many lessons from that day and the weeks thereafter, but they certainly include love conquering hate, homeland protection consistent with our values, and unity arising out of destruction.

Ultimately, I did not expect to live in New York City forever, and I jumped at the chance to return to Upstate, NY to work at a small firm that focuses on employment litigation. The vast majority of my legal career – more than 16 years – has been spent working on cases that are in court and before judges.  All of my work relates to cases in court – including writing briefs and regularly appearing in court to argue motions along with some trials. I have been in courts and appeared before judges across the country.  My work mostly includes representing employees in disputes in the workplace, helping protect the rights people have at work – a true passion of mine.  I have worked on cases involving one individual and class actions involving thousands of workers. 

The Right Choice for Penfield Town Justice

I often thought that “someday” I would run for Town Justice.  I believe that time is now.  

Our justice system requires-- and is built on-- an impartial hearing on the facts, and accountability and consequences when the law has been broken, all while making sure those consequences are fair and just.

I understand how the law affects real people on a daily basis.  Given that town court is often the front line of our judicial system, having that understanding will help guide me to make decisions that best result in fair and just outcomes in every case.

I also appreciate and respect due process and the rule of law.  And having observed many judges over my career, I know what makes for a good judge.  Judges should be respectful to lawyers and individuals appearing before them.  They have to be open-minded and willing to listen.  They need to allow the people before them to be heard.  They should be decisive and, above all, fair.  I can be that judge and that’s why I am the right choice for Penfield Town Justice.

About Mike

Mike and his wife, Jennifer, reside in Penfield with their two children, Hudson (8) and Emerson (6). Jen (Brady) is a lifelong resident of Penfield and graduate of Penfield High School. Having grown up in the Village Green neighborhood, Jen’s Penfield roots are strong. Her parents were local business owners, having owned and operated the Mobil fuel station at the corner of Browncroft and Blossom for many years.

When Jennifer and Mike were ready to settle down, they knew they wanted to start and raise a family in the town they had both grown to love for so long. They were married at St. Joseph’s Church in 2009 and their children later attended preschool there. Mike and Jen remain parishioners at St. Joseph’s today.

“For me, Penfield is not just the place we live. It’s the place my family lovingly calls home.”


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